Feb 19 2010

Yasmin Lee Letting Her New Boobs Breathe!

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Yasmin Lee's New Boobs! Yasmin Lee's New Boobs!

Well, good news for all you Yasmin Lee Fans out there… I’ve got it on good authority that Yasmin Lee WILL be attending the 2009 Tranny Award ceremony on March 4, 2010! So, if you’ve ever wanted to see one of the most beautiful Transsexual Performers in the world up close and personal, you know where to find her the night of March 4th!

Other big Yasmin Lee news is that she is now in recovery from her recent surgeries and by the looks of things, Yasmin is recovering well! Well enough to let her brand new boobs out for some air at this pre-Valentine’s Day event, where she was looking fine as can be! Unfortunately for her, she can’t have sex for 6 weeks… which must seem like an eternity for her! Well, just think of the massive explosion of new material there will be six months from now! Should be fun!

I’ve heard this little rumor that Yasmin Lee will be opening an ‘Official Site’ in the future too… I CAN’T WAIT!

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One Response to “Yasmin Lee Letting Her New Boobs Breathe!”

  1. Rudy( again)on 27 Feb 2010 at 11:59 pm

    hi well let me tell you some thing- this new look is awesome congratulations again and you know today and tomorrow and always the girl number 1 is YASMINE LEE¡¡¡ i have only one wish…is you….i love you yasmine.. bye

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