Jun 03 2014

Tgirl Yasmin Lee Dominates Two Guys On TS Seduction!

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Tgirl Pornstar Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction! Tgirl Pornstar Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction!

You would think that the folks over at TS Seduction would know by now that they’re never going to be able to satisfy the insatiable sexual appetite that Tgirl Yasmin Lee has. Still, that is not going to stop them from trying, right? Looks like instead of just one guy for Yasmin Lee in this scene, they’ve gotten two guys together to see if they can wear Yasmin Lee out.

If you’re a betting person, I’d say you would be smart to put your money on Yasmin Lee breaking these two guys before they break her. This sexy Tgirl Pornstar just loves fucking, as you will know after watching her numerous scenes at TS Seduction. When Yasmin Lee gets going with her Shemale cock, you can bet there is no stopping her until she has shot her load all over the guy she has just fucked!

Tgirl Pornstar Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction! Tgirl Pornstar Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction!


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2 Responses to “Tgirl Yasmin Lee Dominates Two Guys On TS Seduction!”

  1. richard rhodenbaughon 26 Sep 2014 at 11:13 am

    you have been my only fantasy.
    i say that because no one that knows me has any
    idea that i no longer have a fetish for great legs on a beautiful
    my friends all still believe i do. to be honest and i’m not sure
    if i’ll ever tell them that i have a fetish for this gorgeous womans
    huge cock.
    i love watching you either force feed it to some of your screen partners
    or watch and listen to you convince them to put it in their mouths.
    don’t get me wrong, if we ever meet and you talk me into testing those waters
    i would gladly tell the world that it was you that taught me to be a GREAT COCKSUCKER.
    until then you will have to be my secret.
    yes i am a totally straight man who secretly fantasizes about looking up into your eyes as you
    slowly slide your cock between my lips, across my tongue, and into my throat.
    all the way in then almost all the way out. continuing like this until you’re almost ready.
    then as you pull your cock from my mouth to finish by jerking off, you look me in the eyes, place
    your hands on the back of my head {for support} you keep pushing your cock all the way in, then slowly
    almost all the way out.
    as i’m looking up at you i see something in your eyes, i also feel the muscles of your inner thighs tense up and
    i sense that you are about to cum. for less than a microsecond i hesitate cause i’ve never tasted cum before.
    but that doesn’t stop me. i feel the first spurt of your hot juice hit the back of my throat, followed by a second, then a
    third spurt. i find it difficult at first because there is so much of it. i’m still looking up into your eyes
    as i swallow huge gulps of your cum.
    you keep cumming and i keep swallowing. at first you’re filling my mouth so fast that there is no taste, but as the flow
    of cum begins to slow i realise that my mouth and tongue are sucking your cock in such a way as to “milk” the last of the
    cum from you.
    i’m also discovering that i like, or rather enjoy the taste of semen. wait a minute, i should have said i very much enjoyed
    the taste of YOUR CUM. so much that i want more.
    so for a while you let me hang around and whenever you jerk off on your belly or in your hand you let me clean you up.
    i have hundreds of different fantasises of you fucking my mouth or me just sucking your cock.

  2. richard rhodenbaughon 23 Feb 2015 at 8:17 pm

    I still fantasize about sucking your cock Yasmine.

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