Sep 14 2010

Yasmin Lee Out Of The Dungeon And Into The Sunshine!

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Yasmin Lee - Sunshine! Yasmin Lee - Sunshine!

As much as I totally love Yasmin Lee’s performances in her scenes on TS Seduction, every once in a while it is nice to see Yasmin out of the dungeon and domination scenes and into the bright light of the California sunshine. Here are some great pictures from one of her sets on Shemale Yum, shot by the awesome Buddy Wood.

You’ve just got to love watching Yasmin Lee pose in the sunshine, and that beautiful skin of hers was just made to be kissed by the warm rays. If you’re a Yasmin Lee Fan like me, make sure you check out all her galleries on Shemale Yum… something different from her usual scenes these days on TS Seduction.

Yasmin Lee - Sunshine!


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Sep 07 2010

Shemale Superstar Vaniity Launches Her Brand New Official Site!

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Well here’s an awesome surprise for all you guys and girls to enjoy after a long Labor Day weekend! Shemale Pornstar and Icon Vaniity has launched her very own Official Site on the SMC Network! Not that TS Vaniity has gone anywhere and not to imply that she needs one, but for lack of a better word, this could be the ‘comeback’ of the year in the world of Shemale porn. Now I know why I haven’t seen too much from this glamorous Shemale in the past few months… she’s been preparing for the launch of Club Vaniity!

You’d be hard-pressed to find another Shemale Pornstar who has had as much impact on the industry and enjoyed the cross-over appeal that TS Vaniity has had during her career. With appearances on mainstream networks like Comedy Central, Playboy TV, and HBO, Vaniity has left and indelible stamp on the world of Shemale porn, and the world of adult entertainment in general. Now all you TS Vaniity Fans (Vaniitopians) can come check out all new, exclusive content on her new Official Site! We’ll bring you some pictures from the site as soon as we’ve had a chance to give it a look over, but if you want to beat us to the punch, just visit The Official Site of TS Vaniity today and become one of the first Vaniitopians to get a look!


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Sep 06 2010

Come Join Morgan Bailey At Fusion Lounge For Her DVD Launch Party!

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Today is the release date of the new DVD release from Third World Media and Grooby Productions, Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day, which means today is your chance to get your hot little hands on this sizzling DVD if you weren’t able to pre-order one last week. Also, we’d like to invite you to a very special release party for Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day at Fusion Lounge in NYC on September 18, 2010 and presented by Allanah Starr and Shemale Yum!

Everyone is invited to come see Morgan Bailey live and in person, and who knows, you may just walk away with your very own free copy of Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day or other cool swag! Contrary to her new DVD’s title, this is sure to be an awesome ending to a fabulous day so make sure to mark your calendars today and come join Morgan and all kinds of other East Coast Transsexual Performers and Fusion Lounge!

morganbailey-badday-f morganbailey-badday-b


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Sep 02 2010

Come Join TS Foxxy And TS Domino Tonight At Blue Moon Nights!

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Thursday is rolling around again and that means it is time for a brand new night of sexy fun at Blue Moon Nights and you’re once again, invited to party the night away with some of today’s hottest Shemale Superstars and Transsexual Performers! This Thursday is going to be Shemale Schoolgirl themed so if you’ve ever wanted to chase some sultry Schoolgirl tail, come on down and check things out…

Sweet and sexy fun in the beginning of the night but as the drinks flow and the girls get hot and heavy, you can bet these girls are gonna turn bad, bad, bad… Booked to dance are Claire Valentine and Milan, and you can also expect to see Shemale Pornstars TS Foxxy and TS Domino there as well! All are welcome so forget your homework and put away the worries for one night of Shemale Schoolgirl fun at Blue Moon Nights!

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Aug 31 2010

TS Seduction Is Serving Up Some Yasmin Lee!

Yasmin Lee - TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee - TS Seduction!

There’s nothing like going to a nice little diner and getting a big plate of hot wings to share with a buddy… But for goodness sake… BE NICE TO THE WAITRESS! You never know what she’s going to do to you (or your food) for just a little bit of rudeness! TS Seduction has Yasmin Lee serving up a healthy helping of herself in this scene after these two guys sit down to their favorite meal and get a little ‘fresh’.

Pretty soon, instead of some spicy hot wings, they’re both getting helpings of Yasmin Lee’s huge Shemale cock! Now that’s what I’d call a nice dessert! But wait… there’s even more so come check out this full, new scene of Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction today!

Yasmin Lee - TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee - TS Seduction!


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Aug 17 2010

Yasmin Lee At Amy Daly’s Website Launch Party!

Lucia Mel, Hazel Tucker, Morgan Bailey, and Yasmin Lee!

Yasmin Lee and Amy Daly! Yasmin Lee and Amy Daly!

So I’m a little behind the times in getting these pictures to you all but better late than never, right? Yasmin Lee was one of a bevy of Shemale Superstars and Transsexual Performers who showed up to help celebrate the official launch of Amy Daly: The Shemale TransLesbian From LA. From what I hear, it was a pretty awesome party and just judging by these pictures of Amy Daly, Lucia Mel, Hazel Tucker, Morgan Bailey, and of course Yasmin Lee, I wish I would have been there…

Yasmin certainly looked amazing in a cute top and short denim shorts. Doesn’t look like she was taking the stage that night but that’s OK, I love her in casual clothes just as much as when she’s all dolled up for a performance. Anyway, if you haven’t gotten the chance yet, come take a look at Amy Daly’s Official Site… it’s pretty cool and she’s definitely one of the coolest Transsexual girls in porn right now!


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Jul 27 2010

TS Yasmin Lee’s New Sexy Shoot On TS Seduction!

Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction!

As always, it is a pleasure to see TS Yasmin Lee make a new scene on TS Seduction and her newest scene is one of her hottest yet! What is it about Yasmin Lee that gets under your skin and in your brain and just won’t let you go? Seriously… as soon as I see her appear on a site, I’ve just got to go and check it out. I think though, that her scenes on TS Seduction definitely remain some of my favorite scenes ever.

In this new scene, Yasmin Lee takes plenty of time to make sure this guy pleasures each and every glorious inch of her body. She even makes sure that he gets in deep with his tongue into her Shemale ass, which makes her cock stand straight at attention as you can see! There’s plenty more action to come but I think you get the idea of where this TS Seduction scene is going…

Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction!


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Jul 20 2010

Check Out Yasmin Lee And 800 More Models On Frank’s Tgirl World!

Yasmin Lee on Frank's Tgirl World! Yasmin Lee on Frank's Tgirl World!

Shemale Superstar Yasmin Lee is just one of the few Tgirls to have appeared on Frank’s Tgirl World in the early stages of their careers. I think many of today’s top Transsexual Models and Performers have found Frank’s Tgirl World to be an excellent stepping stone in their careers. Frank is a professionally trained photographer and makes all of his models shine without having to utilize post-production tricks. I think a lot of models can appreciate that fact and I know Members enjoy seeing the girls in more ‘dressed down’ and natural settings than other sites employ with studios and fancy lights.

Frank has been shooting Tgirls for a number of years now, and In fact, this week’s past updates pushed Frank’s Tgirl World over the 800 model mark, which means there are now over 800 Transsexual beauties reaching into their panties to play with their cocks just for you! With 800 models, tens of thousands of pictures, and hours upon hours of videos to keep you and your hands busy, Frank’s Tgirl World joins the pantheon of giant Shemale sites on the Internet. If you haven’t checked out this site in a while, I hope you’ll stop on by and check out more Yasmin Lee there as well as the literally, hundreds of other models waiting for you!

Yasmin Lee on Frank's Tgirl World! Yasmin Lee on Frank's Tgirl World!


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Jul 01 2010

Paging Doctor Yasmin Lee!

Yasmin Lee - TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee - TS Seduction!

It’s been far too long since I’ve been to a Doctor’s office, but if I can find this one, run by the beautiful Yasmin Lee, perhaps I’ll make an appointment. In her latest set to go up on TS Seduction, Yasmin dons the white jacket and conducts a little study on her patient… what she’s studying exactly, I don’t know… but I’m pretty sure with Yasmin Lee in the same room, this guy’s heartbeat is getting pretty crazy!

Electrodes, smoke… not sure what is going to happen here but one thing is certain, Yasmin Lee will be using her big Shemale cock as part of this experiment. It just wouldn’t be a TS Seduction shoot without that!

Yasmin Lee - Doctor! Yasmin Lee - Doctor!


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Jun 15 2010

Shemale Superstar Yasmin Lee Stuffing Rocky Full On TS Seduction!

Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction!

Shemale Superstar Yasmin Lee makes another awesome appearance on TS Seduction and starts off the scene testing out Rocky’s tender ass to see if her big, hard Shemale cock will fit up it. I guess she determines that Rocky needs a little bit more time before it’s ready so she decides to stuff his mouth full of her cock instead!

I don’t know what kind of contraption she straps Rocky into, but it is the perfect height for her to stand over him and push her Shemale cock deep into his throat! As he struggles to take it all in, Yasmin moans in appreciation when she feels her cock hit the back of his throat. Before Yasmin Lee gives him the pleasure of having her cock in his ass, she uses his tongue to give herself a little bath…

Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction!


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