Feb 01 2011

Will Yasmin Lee Be Performing At The 2010 Tranny Awards?

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As you may or may not know, TS Yasmin Lee gave an awesome performance at the 2009 Tranny Awards. If memory serves me correctly, she performed to a couple of Duffy songs. Rumor has it that Yasmin Lee may again grace the stage with her presence on February 5, 2011 at Blue Moon Nights in Los Angeles for this year’s event… I can only HOPE that the rumors are indeed true!


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Jan 25 2011

My Favorite Yasmin Lee Picture From TS Seduction!

I was flipping through the pages of TS Seduction the other day, and as you can imagine, I was pretty much concentrating on all the great Yasmin Lee sets there. I was really amazed at how many times Yasmin Lee has appeared on the site compared to some of the other models… I can only guess that she is one of the Members’ favorites there!

Anyway, I think this is probably my absolute favorite picture of Yasmin Lee from TS Seduction… I think we can all agree that it is a pretty fantastic picture of her. I love the way it totally embodies everything that the site is about and shows off Yasmin Lee’s awesome legs and great figure!


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Jan 11 2011

Yasmin Lee’s Gorgeous Smile On TS Seduction!

Yasmin Lee smiling on TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee smiling on TS Seduction!

I’m sure it probably goes without saying, but I think that Shemale Pornstar Yasmin Lee has one of the most beautiful smiles around. I don’t know if those of you who have seen her scenes on TS Seduction actually make it all the way to the end of them, but if you do, they always take a little time to chat with the stars in the scene… it’s just a nice ‘behind the scenes’ look at their stars.

I love the smiles that TS Yasmin Lee gives the camera as she cozies up to her co-stars for these moments. Seriously, I think I could just stare at that face and that gorgeous smile without any porn involved, and still be quite happy. Next time you’re on TS Seduction, take a minute and check out her interviews there.

Yasmin Lee smiling on TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee smiling on TS Seduction!


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Jan 04 2011

Voting For The 2010 Tranny Awards Is Now Open!

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Voting for the 2010 Tranny Awards is underway and now is your chance to propel TS Yasmin Lee (seen here on Frank’s Tgirl World) to a win in her category! Now, there are a few eligibility guidelines that you’ve got to be aware of before you start voting willy-nilly, but if you are eligible, PLEASE cast your vote today! I think it is really awesome that this year’s awards features categories that will be completely Fan decided… so your vote DOES count! If your favorite girl is not nominated, make sure you check out the guidelines for the new ‘Wildcard’ category as well!

The actual Tranny Awards event is going to be held on Saturday, February 5, 2010 at the Blue Moon Nights Club in Los Angeles. Please mark your calendars and try to attend the event if you can. This is the third year for this event and it is growing in leaps and bounds. And, with the Winners being announced at the actual event this year instead of in advance, you can bet that a whole multitude of the different nominees will be there in the hopes of gracing the stage. I think the ‘Eye Candy’ for the night itself is a great reason to attend!

For all the details, and to read the guidelines for voting, please visit The Official Tranny Awards Site and read carefully to make sure you are eligible!

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Dec 28 2010

Yasmin Lee Is Nominated For The 2010 Tranny Awards!

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Thanks to all you great Yasmin Lee Fans out there, our lovely Shemale Superstar has been nominated for two categories at the 2010 Tranny Awards! First up is the Best Hardcore Website Model (sponsored by Tranny Box); and secondly is the Best DVD Performer (sponsored by the SMC Tgirl Network). I have looked at the other nominees and the competition is pretty stiff (no pun intended), but perhaps Yasmin Lee will walk away with a win this year!

Special thanks to all of you who nominated Yasmin Lee for a Tranny Award this year. I know she works hard to produce great content that all her Fans and Admirers will enjoy and it’s great that some of you enjoyed it enough to put her name in for a nomination. Winners for this year’s awards will not be announced until the actual event in Los Angeles. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have a solid date for the event so you can come attend! See you there!

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Dec 21 2010

Shemale Superstar Yasmin Lee Punishes Ned On TS Seduction!

Yasmin Lee - TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee - TS Seduction!

All you Yasmin Lee Fans out there, it’s time to once again take a trip over to TS Seduction to check out her latest set on there, and believe me, this is one that you won’t want to miss! I was getting worried there for a while since Yasmin hadn’t appeared on TS Seduction for a little while, so I’m totally glad to see her back in action!

This time on TS Seduction, Ned is getting quite the eyeful of Yasmin Lee’s big Shemale cock, right before she plunges it into the back of his throat. After Yasmin tires of using his throat she moves on to punishing his waiting ass, and as always, it is a pleasure to watch Yasmin Lee dish out a fucking!

Yasmin Lee - TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee - TS Seduction!


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Nov 16 2010

Yasmin Lee Makes An Appearance At Blue Moon Nights!


Yasmin Lee - Blue Moon Nights! Yasmin Lee - Blue Moon Nights!

The beautiful Yasmin Lee recently made an appearance at one of the T-Party events at Blue Moon Nights, and as always, Yasmin was looking amazing in a short and tasteful mini-dress. I’m not sure what brought Yasmin Lee into town but there were a number of girls on stage that night so perhaps she was there to help show some support. Yasmin didn’t take the stage herself during the night but I’m sure if she did, there would be dollar bills stuffed in her panties as well!

One of the things that I really love about these T-Party events is the fact that you never really know just who you’ll run into over the course of the night. Sure, there are the usual faces but I think it’s awesome that girls like Yasmin Lee stop on by to show themselves every once in a while. I just love that gorgeous smile of hers!

Yasmin Lee - Blue Moon Nights!


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Nov 09 2010

Shemale Pornstar Stocking Stuffers For You This Holiday Season!

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shemale-pornstar-season-01 shemale-pornstar-season-02

After you’re done running around like a chicken with no head, rounding up gifts, going grocery shopping, and planning to host all those family members that you haven’t seen in ages, perhaps what you need is a little alone time with just you, your DVD player, and one of these awesome new Shemale porn releases!

Shemale Pornstar: A Shemale For All Seasons is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season with some of the best themed scenes on the planet! You’ll love watching Shemale Pornstars like Jules, Celeste, Vaniity, Foxxy, and Kimberly Kills fuck their way through the seasons of the year!

A couple of other notable Shemale DVD releases are the continuations of two popular series, America’s Next Top Tranny: Season 8, and the always sexy, Transsexual Babysitters: Volume 13. If you’ve got the itch for a little Shemale fun this Holiday Season, check out these great DVD releases!

transsexual-babysitters-13 americas-next-top-tranny-08

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Oct 31 2010

Happy Halloween 2010 From Amy Daly, Hazel Tucker, And Shemale Yum!

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t-amy-daly-alley-cat-02 t-hazel-tucker-alice-02

Have a fun and safe Halloween 2010 from Amy Daly, Hazel Tucker, and the girls of Shemale Yum!

t-britney-halloween-01 t-reesa-noi-shemaleyum-01

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Oct 28 2010

Come Have Some Fun Tonight At Blue Moon Nights!



Halloween at Blue Moon Nights T-Party is going to be a fun time but tempered with a little bit of sadness as well. One of the girls that I have always thought was one of the most vivacious persons with some of the most fun shoots around took her own life recently. We wish Jezebel Yum all the peace in the world… and the next. Britney Markham and her sister Jamie Markham will be featured dancers this Thursday and will be donating their tips to help pay for the funeral expenses for Jezebel. Hostess Domino Presley will also be donating her tips to the family for funeral expenses.

I hope you’ll come out and have a little fun knowing that your dollars are going to a good cause this Halloween. If you’d like to know some more about Jezebel Yum, please visit the Fallen Angels and Lost Devils Blog. Sorry for the downer post today but I think it is important to highlight tragedies like this. The TS Community is rather small and losing one to the inherent pressures that one can face in the world of Shemale porn is a loss that we all feel. So, please, do come out and celebrate the life of Jezebel Yum this Thursday and have a little fun too.

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