Dec 15 2011

Yasmin Lee’s First Appearances At Shemale Strokers!

Yasmin Lee as Nohealani! Yasmin Lee as Nohealani!

I hope that everyone has picked up their copy of The Hangover 2 by now, and seen Yasmin Lee’s appearance in it! Here are some pictures from Yasmin Lee’s first appearances way back when at Shemale Strokers, when she was known as Nohealani.

As you can see, Yasmin Lee was gorgeous even when she was just starting out in Shemale porn, and I think she probably became an immediate hit when she debuted on Shemale Strokers. Take one look at that beautiful body and long, thick Shemale cock, and you can bet that she had guys drooling over her immediately… Come to think of it, she still has guys drooling over her!

Yasmin Lee as Nohealani! Yasmin Lee as Nohealani!


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May 18 2010

More Yasmin Lee And Her Big Cock On Shemale Strokers!

Yasmin Lee on Shemale Strokers! Yasmin Lee on Shemale Strokers!

Wow. Some of you are probably thinking the same thing as you look over these pictures of Yasmin Lee on Shemale Strokers back when she was going by ‘Nohealani.’ How gorgeous is she here and how amazing is that big, thick Shemale cock of hers?

It’s no wonder that Shemale Strokers wanted her on their site… I bet she was one heck of a popular girl when this set debuted. As much of Yasmin Lee’s cock that I’ve seen, you’d think I wouldn’t be surprised at it’s size anymore but these pictures threw me for a loop. That is one big handful… which is probably just what you want on Shemale Strokers!

Yasmin Lee on Shemale Strokers!


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May 11 2010

A Blast From The Past Of Yasmin Lee On Shemale Strokers!

Yasmin Lee on Shemale Strokers! Yasmin Lee on Shemale Strokers!

I was just casually flipping through the pages of Shemale Strokers the other day when I came across these pictures and I thought, ‘Man, she looks familiar.’ Well, of course I knew right away it was Yasmin Lee but the name on the pictures was, Nohealani, which was a name I hadn’t seen in a while. Turns out these pictures of Yasmin Lee are pretty old…a big blast from the past!

Isn’t it amazing just how little Yasmin Lee has changed through the years? I’m not sure when these pictures were taken but I’m guessing there’s got to be at least a ten year difference or more between these pictures and her most recent shoot. But, she looks almost the same today as she did then… maybe a little more elegant these days but other than that… same great Yasmin Lee as always. I think it’s always fun to see Shemale Pornstars in their earliest shoots and these ones of Yasmin Lee on Shemale Strokers will blow your mind. Check ‘Nohealani’ out!

Yasmin Lee on Shemale Strokers! Yasmin Lee on Shemale Strokers!


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Oct 27 2009

Get The Hots For Professor Yasmin Lee On Bob’s Tgirls!

TS Yasmin Lee on Bob's Tgirls!

So I ask… where in the heck was Yasmin Lee when I was going through college? Surely with a Professor looking like that I would have paid a lot more attention in class and probably would have learned a thing or two…

OK, so in all seriousness, it’s probably good that the world’s Professors aren’t all smoking hot Shemales like Yasmin Lee… we’d all have A+’s in Sex Ed but nothing else. Still, it is nice to dream… Bob’s Tgirls has definitely made one of my biggest fantasies come true with this shoot of Yasmin Lee giving some hands-on lessons to a couple frisky students!

TS Yasmin Lee on Bob's Tgirls! TS Yasmin Lee on Bob's Tgirls!


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May 04 2009

Hot Shemale Yasmin Lee Strokes Herself off on Shemale Strokers 22

Published by under YASMIN LEE ON DVD

Khloe Hart Stars in Shemale Strokers 22!

How would you like to have hot Shemale Yasmin Lee all to yourself right there in the privacy of your own home? Yeah… I thought so… good luck with that! Lucky for you there’s Shemale Strokers 22!

Here’s a little look at Shemale Strokers 22, one of the longest running Shemale series around and produced by the people who bring you the website, Shemale Strokers! In this DVD, which also stars the likes of Danielle Foxxx (pre-op), Thays Schiavinato, Celeste, TS Jesse, Shakirah Allure, and Khloe Hart, Yasmin (going by the name, Nohealani) shows off her nice, hard, 10″ long cock for the camera before stroking it until she shoots a nice big load all over!

Shemale Strokers 22 has some amazing talents in it besides the hot Yasmin Lee and is surely one DVD you won’t want to miss! Visit Shemale Strokers today to get yours!

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Apr 23 2009

Asian Transsexual Yasmin Lee on Bob’s Tgirls!

Here are a few pictures from the very first set that Yasmin Lee did for the site, Bob’s Tgirls. Actually, at the time of these photos, she was using the stage name, Nohealani, which, if I’ve done my homework correctly, means, ‘Baby From Heaven.’ Very pretty name, although I like Yasmin Lee just fine as well!

I think these pictures really showcase the fun side of Yasmin Lee who has a reputation in the industry as being one of the easiest and most professional Transsexual models to work with for photo and video shoots. You can see the confidence on her face even way back then. Then again… with a monster cock like that hiding in your panties, I suppose there’s really not too much NOT to be confident about!


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