Jul 05 2011

Satisfying Smiles From Shemale Pornstar Yasmin Lee!

Yasmin Lee at TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee at TS Seduction!

With all the hardcore fucking that Shemale Pornstar Yasmin Lee does at TS Seduction, you’ve really got to wonder sometimes just what the guys who she mercilessly pounds with her Shemale cock think at the end of their scenes. Well, as it turns out, they are typically, all smiles at the end… even if their rears are just a bit sore!

Frankly, when you look at Yasmin Lee’s massive Shemale cock, you’ve really got to wonder about just what goes through these guys’ minds when they see it. I’m sure they probably get paid pretty well by TS Seduction to take the fucking that Yasmin Lee and the other girls there dish out, but still…

Yasmin Lee at TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee at TS Seduction!


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Dec 28 2010

Yasmin Lee Is Nominated For The 2010 Tranny Awards!

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Thanks to all you great Yasmin Lee Fans out there, our lovely Shemale Superstar has been nominated for two categories at the 2010 Tranny Awards! First up is the Best Hardcore Website Model (sponsored by Tranny Box); and secondly is the Best DVD Performer (sponsored by the SMC Tgirl Network). I have looked at the other nominees and the competition is pretty stiff (no pun intended), but perhaps Yasmin Lee will walk away with a win this year!

Special thanks to all of you who nominated Yasmin Lee for a Tranny Award this year. I know she works hard to produce great content that all her Fans and Admirers will enjoy and it’s great that some of you enjoyed it enough to put her name in for a nomination. Winners for this year’s awards will not be announced until the actual event in Los Angeles. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have a solid date for the event so you can come attend! See you there!

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Oct 26 2010

Sweet Sunshine Shoots Of Yasmin Lee On Frank’s Tgirl World!

Yasmin Lee on Frank's Tgirl World!

I don’t know about you but around these parts, the leaves are changing colors and the evening is full of fascinating colors and deep shadows. Gorgeous sunsets always start me off thinking about some of the great pictures I’ve seen over the years and I remembered this awesome set of TS Yasmin Lee shot as the sunlight streams through the blinds and rests on that gorgeous body of hers.

Frank’s Tgirl World only has two sets of Yasmin Lee in its portfolio but I’ve got to say, there are probably two of the best Yasmin Lee galleries you’ll find on the Internet. If you’ve got some extra time, head on over and check out these two sets and all the rest of the great photography on Frank’s Tgirl World!

Yasmin Lee on Frank's Tgirl World!


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Oct 19 2010

Yasmin Lee Looking Luscious In Her Business Suit On Shemale Yum!

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Yasmin Lee - Business Suit!

In light of the coming Halloween Day, I thought it would be nice to post some pictures of TS Yasmin Lee doing a little dress-up. Here she is in one of her first sets on Shemale Yum making a business suit look anything but boring! I think of all Yasmin Lee’s sets, this is the one that I come back to time and time again… it’s just one sexy, hot-as-hell set!

Can you just imagine watching Yasmin Lee step into your office and slip out of her skirt to reveal those luscious legs in fishnet stockings! Now that is one sexy woman that any CEO would just love to have hidden under their desk, don’t you think?

Yasmin Lee - Business Suit! Yasmin Lee - Business Suit!


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Jul 27 2010

TS Yasmin Lee’s New Sexy Shoot On TS Seduction!

Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction!

As always, it is a pleasure to see TS Yasmin Lee make a new scene on TS Seduction and her newest scene is one of her hottest yet! What is it about Yasmin Lee that gets under your skin and in your brain and just won’t let you go? Seriously… as soon as I see her appear on a site, I’ve just got to go and check it out. I think though, that her scenes on TS Seduction definitely remain some of my favorite scenes ever.

In this new scene, Yasmin Lee takes plenty of time to make sure this guy pleasures each and every glorious inch of her body. She even makes sure that he gets in deep with his tongue into her Shemale ass, which makes her cock stand straight at attention as you can see! There’s plenty more action to come but I think you get the idea of where this TS Seduction scene is going…

Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction!


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Jul 20 2010

Check Out Yasmin Lee And 800 More Models On Frank’s Tgirl World!

Yasmin Lee on Frank's Tgirl World! Yasmin Lee on Frank's Tgirl World!

Shemale Superstar Yasmin Lee is just one of the few Tgirls to have appeared on Frank’s Tgirl World in the early stages of their careers. I think many of today’s top Transsexual Models and Performers have found Frank’s Tgirl World to be an excellent stepping stone in their careers. Frank is a professionally trained photographer and makes all of his models shine without having to utilize post-production tricks. I think a lot of models can appreciate that fact and I know Members enjoy seeing the girls in more ‘dressed down’ and natural settings than other sites employ with studios and fancy lights.

Frank has been shooting Tgirls for a number of years now, and In fact, this week’s past updates pushed Frank’s Tgirl World over the 800 model mark, which means there are now over 800 Transsexual beauties reaching into their panties to play with their cocks just for you! With 800 models, tens of thousands of pictures, and hours upon hours of videos to keep you and your hands busy, Frank’s Tgirl World joins the pantheon of giant Shemale sites on the Internet. If you haven’t checked out this site in a while, I hope you’ll stop on by and check out more Yasmin Lee there as well as the literally, hundreds of other models waiting for you!

Yasmin Lee on Frank's Tgirl World! Yasmin Lee on Frank's Tgirl World!


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Jul 01 2010

Paging Doctor Yasmin Lee!

Yasmin Lee - TS Seduction! Yasmin Lee - TS Seduction!

It’s been far too long since I’ve been to a Doctor’s office, but if I can find this one, run by the beautiful Yasmin Lee, perhaps I’ll make an appointment. In her latest set to go up on TS Seduction, Yasmin dons the white jacket and conducts a little study on her patient… what she’s studying exactly, I don’t know… but I’m pretty sure with Yasmin Lee in the same room, this guy’s heartbeat is getting pretty crazy!

Electrodes, smoke… not sure what is going to happen here but one thing is certain, Yasmin Lee will be using her big Shemale cock as part of this experiment. It just wouldn’t be a TS Seduction shoot without that!

Yasmin Lee - Doctor! Yasmin Lee - Doctor!


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Mar 09 2010

Yasmin Lee Performs At The 2009 Tranny Awards Ceremony!

Tranny Award Winners!

Yasmin Lee Fans who didn’t attend the 2009 Tranny Awards ceremony on March 4, 2010 missed a really great performance. Yasmin performed to the song, ‘Mercy’ by Welsh singer, Duffy and she gave an awesome, sassy, and sexy performance. It was definitely one of the highlights of the night and judging by the hoots and howls of the crowd, they agreed wholeheartedly with me.

I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to meet Yasmin Lee… she was swamped by Fans, Admirers, and girls as soon as she walked into the club… which shouldn’t really come as any surprise. We’ll have some more pictures of the beautiful Yasmin Lee at the 2009 Tranny Awards in the future here. For now, save the date for next year… the Tranny Awards are only going to get bigger and better!

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Dec 23 2009

Happy Holidays From All Of Us At The Yasmin Lee Fan Blog!

TS Yasmin Lee Fucking On TS Seduction!

Yasmin Lee continues her plethora of performances as one of the Transsexual Dommes on TS Seduction with a hot new shoot just in time for Christmas viewing! As always, Yasmin Lee turns in a fine performance in this new shoot for the site and again, as always, Yasmin looks like she has had no trouble staving off the holiday pounds!

I was flipping through some of Yasmin Lee’s first appearances and I can’t believe how little she has changed over the years… she still looks just the same as she did when she was the fresh, hot thing making the rounds on the Shemale porn scene. I just love watching Yasmin perform on TS Seduction. Shemale may just be one of my absolute favorite performers of all time!

TS Yasmin Lee Fucking On TS Seduction! TS Yasmin Lee Fucking On TS Seduction!


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Sep 22 2009

Yasmin Lee Takes Office Romance to New Levels on TS Seduction!

TS Yasmin Lee Has An Office Romance on TS Seduction! TS Yasmin Lee Has An Office Romance on TS Seduction!

You know that a girl is smokin’ hot when the mere sight of her kissing another dude where only half her face is showing is enough to give you a woodie! Ahh… the gorgeous Yasmin Lee… surely one of the greatest creations of our time!

Here we find her at the offices of TS Seduction interviewing yet another applicant for an Executive Assistant position. Seems like they’re all willing to work for her to begin with but when they end up on the floor or tied to the desk with their asses high up in the air presented for her famously big Shemale cock, they don’t last too long after that! Maybe this guy will be a bit better… he seems to already have formed a tight attraction to Yasmin Lee’s beautiful legs!

TS Yasmin Lee Has An Office Romance on TS Seduction!


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