Sep 25 2012

Ass Stuffing Action With Yasmin Lee On Shemale Yum!

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Yasmin Lee is one of those girls that you just never get tired of looking at, and time and time again, I find myself checking out some of her older shoots on Shemale Yum. I think this is one of the sites that really caught Yasmin Lee at some of the best points in her career as far as her solo scenes go. Who could forget this awesome ass stuffing action with Yasmin Lee and her purple dildo!


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Sep 11 2012

UK Sensation Holly Harlow Launches Her New Site!

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Sexy UK sensation Holly Harlow announced the launch of her new Official Site yesterday, and here are a few pictures from the site to help introduce you to this sexy Shemale Pornstar. TS Holly Harlow joins the likes of Kimber James, TS Jesse, Tiffany Starr, and TS Foxxy on the SMC Network of solo sites, which has now reached a staggering 20+ girls in its portfolio!

Shemale Pornstar Holly Harlow has been featured from time to time on a number of Shemale sites, like Shemale Club. I think Fans of hers are going to be really happy that she finally has a place to call her own and show off her sexy body in steamy solo action and breathtaking hardcore scenes. Congratulations to TS Holly Harlow on the launch of her new site and we wish her the best of luck in this new endeavor!


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Sep 04 2012

TS Jamie French Brings Her Fetish Sex To The Grooby Network!

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For those of you familiar with the more ‘fetish’ side of Shemale porn, the name ‘Jamie French’ is probably already familiar with you as the owner of the Jamie’s Fetish site. The Grooby Network is proud to announce that TS Jamie French has recently moved her site and become the fifth Grooby Girl to join the network, and we’re totally excited to see the results! Jamie French has created some of the most unique Shemale porn on the planet and her addition to the network is sure to bring in some interesting perspectives to the network.

Jamie French now has her self-named and branded website on the Grooby Network, where those who share her penchant for Shemale porn with a fetish side to it will get to check out some all-new, exclusive content. I’ve been one of the lucky few to get a full glimpse of Jamie French’s Official Site, and I can tell you, she has wasted no time at all in putting up some new solo and hardcore content that Fans of hers, both old and new, will certainly enjoy. We’d like to offer our congratulations to Jamie French and wish her the best with the new site! Now go get some!


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Aug 28 2012

Hardcore Action With The Sexy Shemales Of TS Seduction!

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TS Seduction has long been recognized as one of the best sites to check out some of the sexiest Shemale Pornstars alive doing domination scenes, and this week we’ve got a special deal for you to this awesome, hardcore site. With girls like Morgan Bailey, TS Foxxy, Yasmin Lee, and Danni Daniels putting their Shemale cocks to good use, you’ll love watching the scenes unfold.

I’ve always liked TS Seduction because you can tell that they put some effort into making their scenes. For those of you with a little imagination, you’ll find it easy to get lost in the fantasies that unfold on this site. Whether you’ve had fantasies about getting fucked by the sexy therapist, professor, or police officer, you’re sure to find it on TS Seduction. Don’t miss out on this great offer to join the site for only $19.95 this week! Consider this a heads-up for you… but don’t forget! This is a limited time offer only so by the end of the week it will…be…gone!

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Aug 21 2012

Domino Presley: Transsexual Goddess Now Available!

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A special announcement for all of our readers today…

I don’t think I’ll get any argument with saying that TS Domino Presley is one of the hottest Shemale Pornstars on the planet at the moment… and has been for some time. Domino Presley is one of those girls who has set the world of Shemale porn on fire with her scenes, since her early days until today. With a gorgeous body and warm spirit, this is one girl that guys from all over the world have been lusting over since she made her debut.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, ‘Man, I wish I could take Domino Presley home for just one night!’ Well, now you can. Spend an evening with Domino Presley: Transsexual Goddess, the new release from Grooby Productions and Third World Media. These hand-picked solo and hardcore scenes will make any lonely evening an event to remember, especially if you’re a true Domino Presley Fan! Hurry up and order your copy today because this release is sure to sell fast!


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Aug 09 2012

Sexy Shemale Nody Nadia Launches Her Official Site!

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Are you ready for a little fireball of sexy Shemale stroking and hardcore fucking? Then check out the brand new Official Site of Black Shemale Pornstar Nody Nadia! TS Nody has been shooting scenes for Shemale sites for quite some time now so it is about time that she has her very own place on the Internet to call her own and show off that sexy body of hers. I’m pretty psyched that Nody Nadia’s Official Site is finally here after hearing rumors about it for quite some time.

TS Nody Nadia is one of the sexiest Black Shemales of today, and I’m sure some would probably place her in the Top 10 of sexy Shemale Pornstars from any ethnic background… and I’m not sure I wouldn’t agree with them! With the launch of her Official Site, TS Nody Nadia is bound to bring her Members some of the sexiest solo and hardcore scenes of any Shemale Pornstar on the planet!

I’ve long thought that Nody Nadia was a fairly undervalued Shemale Pornstar so it is great to see her with her own site now. I’m sure this is going to be a great place to check out exclusive scenes featuring this lovely Black Shemale Pornstar, and clearly, she is ready to go! Be one of the first to check out TS Nody Nadia on her new site… We’ll see you there!


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Aug 02 2012

Teighjiana Gets Her Pretty Ass Fucked On Shemale Club!

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Hi Yasmin Lee Fans!

While you’re probably keeping your eyes glued to the TV this week to check out the action of all the great athletes at the 2012 Olympics (go USA!), maybe you have a little time to squeeze in this sexy video clip of Shemale Pornstar Teighjiana getting her pretty ass fucked on Shemale Club! It’s always nice to see such a beautiful Shemale Pornstar taking a good, hard pounding so I’m sure you can find the time to spare…

As I’ve been watching the Olympics when I can, I’m always amazed at just how perfect the athletes’ bodies are. I mean there are some of them that you would not be able to find an ounce of fat on if you tried. From the distance runners to the ping-pong pros, these people definitely take care of their bodies! Shame that it is rumored that sex is off the table during the Olympics though… I’ll bet some of them could probably use the stress relief!

I don’t know if Shemale Pornstar Teighjiana will ever be in the Olympic games or not, but she is definitely one of the girls on Shemale Club who are at the top of their game when it comes to fucking! This sexy Shemale shows off her skills in this little video clip and if you need a little break from Olympic action, come check it out! Someday we need to have a competition with all the great Shemale Pornstars on the planet… a kind of ‘Fuck Off’… wouldn’t that be fun?


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Jul 26 2012

Will Yasmin Lee Make The 1000 Shemales Of Grooby List?

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Personally, I will be shocked out of my mind if TS Yasmin Lee doesn’t make the list of the new site, 1,000 Shemales Of Grooby. It looks like the list is shaping up well though, and I was surprised that I had either never heard of or barely knew some of the models already listed. I guess I really don’t know as much as I thought I did!

One thing I do know though is that Yasmin Lee has done some really excellent work for the Grooby Productions Sites, including this set on Shemale Yum and like I said before, I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t make an appearance there. Far from being just a pretty face, Yasmin Lee has always presented herself as an intelligent and thoughtful person. I’ve loved watching her through the years and I’d say she is one of the most widely recognized Shemale Pornstars of today.

Anyway, swing on by the 1,000 Shemales Of Grooby list and check out the girls as they post. Fascinating reads and some really pretty girls there… and it is FREE, so that’s a good thing! I’m pretty sure that Yasmin Lee has got to show up sooner or later but until then, you can check out some other really great girls there.


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Jul 12 2012

The Sexy Shemale Pornstars Of Frank’s Tgirl World Are On Sale!

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Don’t worry guys, nothing nefarious going on here… Just one heck of a deal for all you Shemale Pornstars Lovers out there who want to see all the beautiful girls that Frank’s Tgirl World has to offer! I’ve been a fan of this site since I first saw Khloe Hart on it years ago. It wasn’t only her beauty but the great photography that caught my attention, and I’ve been visiting regularly ever since!

With sexy girls like Hazel Tucker, Domino Presley, Khloe Hart, and Nody Nadia showing off their cute cocks, Frank’s Tgirl World has something for everyone! This special deal is only good for the next couple of days and then it will be gone so hurry on over and check out some awesome photography and even more awesome girls!

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Jul 10 2012

Yasmin Lee Fans Check Out Eva Lin And TS Vaniity!

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If you’re a big Yasmin Lee Fan, chances are you’re going to love TS Eva Lin and TS Vaniity too. Not only do they both share that same exotic, sexy look that Yasmin Lee has, but both of these girls are Shemale Superstars in their own rights. Eva Lin is one of the hottest girls in Shemale porn at the moment and TS Vaniity has a reputation that needs no explanation! Come check out both of these gorgeous girls today at their Official Sites!



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