May 17 2009

Yasmin Lee Out And About in the City!

I came across these pictures of Yasmin Lee floating around the Internet and was wondering if anyone could help me place the city in the backdrop? I was thinking it was San Francisco but not too sure. I am sure that’s Yasmin Lee in the pictures though… I don’t think I could ever mistake that figure, even when it’s buried under a 3/4 length winter coat! Anyway, if anyone can help me out with the city, I’ll post a couple of juicy Yasmin Lee pictures in return for you! Thanks!


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May 16 2009

Yasmin Lee Stars in Transsexual Babysitters Volum 1 and 5

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So, I think it’s kind of interesting that Yasmin Lee has starred in two of the nine DVD releases of the AVN Award winning series, Transsexual Babysitters, but she has never graced the cover! The series is hot, don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s about time for Yasmin to have her own DVD cover… what do you guys think? Some pretty big names have starred in the series alongside Yasmin Lee but some of the girls on the cover I wouldn’t recognize without looking them up in the Internet. I think Yasmin needs to jump back in to the DVD porn world just to get herself a cover… bout time!


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May 13 2009

Yasmin Lee – A Study in Portraits

I think Yasmin Lee has one of the most naturally beautiful faces on the planet. She’s just stunning in these portrait pictures from Frank’s Tgirl World. What do you guys think?

I just love her eyes, cheekbones, and beautiful smile. Heck, there’s probably not too much I don’t like about Yasmin Lee though! She’s also got to have some of the best tits of any TS around… just look at how round and full those puppies are! Perfect for burying your face into and doing a little motor-boating! Or how’s about sliding your cock right between them and covering them with a load! Geez this girl makes me horny!!

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May 07 2009

Yasmin Lee – Basic and Hot As Hell!

One of the reasons I’m such a big fan of hot Shemale Yasmin Lee is that she looks awesome whether she’s all done up with makeup, perfect lighting, and cute lingerie or just out and about in jeans and a simple black top! If you were to pass Yasmin Lee on the street in this outfit, you wouldn’t even know that she’s got a huge cock tucked away in those jeans!

So…just a couple teaser pics for you today… I’ll bring you some more sexy shots of Yasmin for this shoot on Frank’s Tgirl World in a few days… let… the… anticipation… build…


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May 04 2009

Hot Shemale Yasmin Lee Strokes Herself off on Shemale Strokers 22

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Khloe Hart Stars in Shemale Strokers 22!

How would you like to have hot Shemale Yasmin Lee all to yourself right there in the privacy of your own home? Yeah… I thought so… good luck with that! Lucky for you there’s Shemale Strokers 22!

Here’s a little look at Shemale Strokers 22, one of the longest running Shemale series around and produced by the people who bring you the website, Shemale Strokers! In this DVD, which also stars the likes of Danielle Foxxx (pre-op), Thays Schiavinato, Celeste, TS Jesse, Shakirah Allure, and Khloe Hart, Yasmin (going by the name, Nohealani) shows off her nice, hard, 10″ long cock for the camera before stroking it until she shoots a nice big load all over!

Shemale Strokers 22 has some amazing talents in it besides the hot Yasmin Lee and is surely one DVD you won’t want to miss! Visit Shemale Strokers today to get yours!

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Apr 28 2009

Yasmin Lee Party’s Hard at Club Cobra!

Ever wonder where in the world a hot Shemale star like Yasmin Lee goes to unwind after a hard day shooting photos and videos for her many Fans and Admirers to enjoy? Well… if she happens to be in Los Angeles, you can probably bet that Yasmin Lee is over shaking her fantastic rump to the hot grinding music of Club Cobra! Heck… if you’re really lucky, you may even catch Yasmin stripping down and having a little fun ‘on the pole!’ So… when in L.A. with an itch for Shemale ass… head on over to Club Cobra and catch Yasmin Lee and her friends heating up the club!

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Apr 23 2009

Asian Transsexual Yasmin Lee on Bob’s Tgirls!

Here are a few pictures from the very first set that Yasmin Lee did for the site, Bob’s Tgirls. Actually, at the time of these photos, she was using the stage name, Nohealani, which, if I’ve done my homework correctly, means, ‘Baby From Heaven.’ Very pretty name, although I like Yasmin Lee just fine as well!

I think these pictures really showcase the fun side of Yasmin Lee who has a reputation in the industry as being one of the easiest and most professional Transsexual models to work with for photo and video shoots. You can see the confidence on her face even way back then. Then again… with a monster cock like that hiding in your panties, I suppose there’s really not too much NOT to be confident about!


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Apr 20 2009

Sexy Secretary Yasmin Lee on ShemaleYum!

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Sexy Shemale Yasmin Lee would make the perfect secretary don’t you think? Beautiful, graceful, and always willing to please! Here she is trying to get some work done on a photoshoot with ShemaleYum but she just keeps getting distracted by the camera and soon finds herself the center of attention! Her huge cock steadily gets bigger and bigger until it’s rock hard beneath her skirt and then…


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Apr 15 2009

Hung TS Yasmin Lee Chokes Some Throats on TS Seduction!

You probably already know that Yasmin Lee has one of the largest cocks around but did you know that she loves to thrust it balls deep into some guy’s warm throat until it makes him gag? Yasmin Lee makes regular appearances on TS Seduction where she can be seen using her big tool to make men beg for mercy. Yasmin has one of the hottest bodies in the business and the fact that her cock grows to staggering proportions only makes her that much hotter when it comes to TS lovers! We’ll keep you posted as she makes more appearances on TS Seduction and other sites!

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Apr 09 2009

Shemale Yum RELAUNCH. New design and killer NEW FEATURES!

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The relaunch of Shemale Yum has arrived.
After many months of work, taking over 1000 unique models into our new custom built database, we can finally reveal what we’ve been working on. If you’ve been a member of the website before, you’ll know if developed into a mass sprawl of a site and could be hard to find a model you were looking for … not any longer!

New features include:
A spanking new forum … now FREE to the public at;

Full searchable database … find by name, by ethnicity, body shape, type of clothes, cock size and many more variables.

Rate the models … you have your say in who we reshoot – your rating will move your favorite models up.

Comments … add comments to the models, photosets or videos and let the models know your looking at them.

My Portfolio … want quick access to your favorite sets? Add them to your own personal portfolio and you can go straight to them when you next login.

Over 12 years of content – 1089 unique models, over 300,000 photos and 2000 videos. Many more features inside and some more to be added.

If you haven’t been to Shemale Yum for some time, now is the time to take a relook.

Free look at the new Shemale Yum

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