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May 17 2009

Yasmin Lee Out And About in the City!

I came across these pictures of Yasmin Lee floating around the Internet and was wondering if anyone could help me place the city in the backdrop? I was thinking it was San Francisco but not too sure. I am sure that’s Yasmin Lee in the pictures though… I don’t think I could ever mistake that figure, even when it’s buried under a 3/4 length winter coat! Anyway, if anyone can help me out with the city, I’ll post a couple of juicy Yasmin Lee pictures in return for you! Thanks!


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Apr 28 2009

Yasmin Lee Party’s Hard at Club Cobra!

Ever wonder where in the world a hot Shemale star like Yasmin Lee goes to unwind after a hard day shooting photos and videos for her many Fans and Admirers to enjoy? Well… if she happens to be in Los Angeles, you can probably bet that Yasmin Lee is over shaking her fantastic rump to the hot grinding music of Club Cobra! Heck… if you’re really lucky, you may even catch Yasmin stripping down and having a little fun ‘on the pole!’ So… when in L.A. with an itch for Shemale ass… head on over to Club Cobra and catch Yasmin Lee and her friends heating up the club!

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