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May 29 2011

The Hangover Part II – Starring Yasmin Lee!!!

Yasmin Lee appears in “The Hangover Part 2” opening Memorial Day 2011.
This is fantastic exposure for Yasmin who wows audiences when revealing her “secret” playing of course a ladyboy, in Thailand and I don’t think it takes too much guessing as to what happens.

Yasmin Lee wanted her fans to know;

“It’s been a super busy year with shooting, not shooting, traveling as well as the anticipated “Hangover 2”. I’m also happy to say my indie movie “Red Ice” in which I lead will premiere this June 3 at the Roxy in San Francisco … 2movies one week!!! I’m currently working on a few projects including another movie to be shot in Louisiana and talking to a producers about possibly working in Thailand insome action flicks.
As for porn … I’m still doing it and will be doing so far a while … until i’m not wanted anymore xoxo love you all and thank you for you support”

For the most amount of Yasmin Lee material, check out Shemale Yum which has more sets of her than any other website around.

Check out more at Shemale Yum

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Aug 17 2010

Yasmin Lee At Amy Daly’s Website Launch Party!

Lucia Mel, Hazel Tucker, Morgan Bailey, and Yasmin Lee!

Yasmin Lee and Amy Daly! Yasmin Lee and Amy Daly!

So I’m a little behind the times in getting these pictures to you all but better late than never, right? Yasmin Lee was one of a bevy of Shemale Superstars and Transsexual Performers who showed up to help celebrate the official launch of Amy Daly: The Shemale TransLesbian From LA. From what I hear, it was a pretty awesome party and just judging by these pictures of Amy Daly, Lucia Mel, Hazel Tucker, Morgan Bailey, and of course Yasmin Lee, I wish I would have been there…

Yasmin certainly looked amazing in a cute top and short denim shorts. Doesn’t look like she was taking the stage that night but that’s OK, I love her in casual clothes just as much as when she’s all dolled up for a performance. Anyway, if you haven’t gotten the chance yet, come take a look at Amy Daly’s Official Site… it’s pretty cool and she’s definitely one of the coolest Transsexual girls in porn right now!


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Mar 17 2010

Yasmin Lee’s Performance At The 2009 Tranny Awards!

Yasmin Lee performs to Duffy’s, ‘Mercy’ at the 2009 Tranny Awards on March 4th, 2010 at Club Cobra in Los Angeles! Watch her work that fuckin’ stage! What an awesome performer!

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Mar 09 2010

Yasmin Lee Performs At The 2009 Tranny Awards Ceremony!

Tranny Award Winners!

Yasmin Lee Fans who didn’t attend the 2009 Tranny Awards ceremony on March 4, 2010 missed a really great performance. Yasmin performed to the song, ‘Mercy’ by Welsh singer, Duffy and she gave an awesome, sassy, and sexy performance. It was definitely one of the highlights of the night and judging by the hoots and howls of the crowd, they agreed wholeheartedly with me.

I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to meet Yasmin Lee… she was swamped by Fans, Admirers, and girls as soon as she walked into the club… which shouldn’t really come as any surprise. We’ll have some more pictures of the beautiful Yasmin Lee at the 2009 Tranny Awards in the future here. For now, save the date for next year… the Tranny Awards are only going to get bigger and better!

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Feb 19 2010

Yasmin Lee Letting Her New Boobs Breathe!

Yasmin Lee's New Boobs! Yasmin Lee's New Boobs!

Well, good news for all you Yasmin Lee Fans out there… I’ve got it on good authority that Yasmin Lee WILL be attending the 2009 Tranny Award ceremony on March 4, 2010! So, if you’ve ever wanted to see one of the most beautiful Transsexual Performers in the world up close and personal, you know where to find her the night of March 4th!

Other big Yasmin Lee news is that she is now in recovery from her recent surgeries and by the looks of things, Yasmin is recovering well! Well enough to let her brand new boobs out for some air at this pre-Valentine’s Day event, where she was looking fine as can be! Unfortunately for her, she can’t have sex for 6 weeks… which must seem like an eternity for her! Well, just think of the massive explosion of new material there will be six months from now! Should be fun!

I’ve heard this little rumor that Yasmin Lee will be opening an ‘Official Site’ in the future too… I CAN’T WAIT!

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Sep 15 2009

Yasmin Lee to Appear on Maury Povich’s Back to School Segment This Wednesday!

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Shemale Superstar Yasmin Lee on Shemale Yum!

Shemale Superstar Yasmin Lee is scheduled to make an appearance on Maury Povich’s Back to School issue this Wednesday! Yasmin will be joining other genetic girls and Transsexual models in one of those, ‘who was born a man’ type of segments. Should be a bit of fun and I am pretty sure that Yasmin will definitely fool most if not all of the audience.

Here’s a link to get a little preview of the show and I hope you all will check it out!



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Jun 29 2009

Yasmin Lee Makes An Appearance At Bob’s Tgirls 10th Anniversary Party!

Shemale Superstar Yasmin Lee Gives Bob some Tongue at the Bob's Tgirls 10th!

Wow. This is one night that I am very, very sorry I missed! This was a party at Club Goddess for the 10th Anniversary Party of Bob’s Tgirls which has featured Yasmin Lee on several occasions. Anyway… I should have done a post about this but I totally forgot… I hope some of you readers were able to attend!

Yasmin Lee made an appearance and gave Bob a little tongue action which I’m sure he didn’t complain about! There was some amazing eye candy at the party as you can see from this picture! We;re talking Olivia Love, Natassia Dreams, Celeste, Renae (doesn’t model), and of course, Yasmin Lee. I think all the beauty together in one room is enough to have hard cocks all around all night long! Happy 10th to Bob and many, many more to come!


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May 31 2009

Yasmin Lee’s Birthday Bash Approaches!

Yasmin Lee's Birthday Bash in NYC!

Just a brief reminder that Yasmin Lee is celebrating her birthday with a Birthday Bash presented by Sunny Dee-Lite this Thursday, June 4, 2009 at Secret Lounge in NYC! Be there and join Guest Hostess, XXX Shemale Pornstar, Carmen Cruz, as they celebrate one of the most beautiful Transsexual models ever!

Secret Lounge
525 W. 29th Street

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May 25 2009

Yasmin Lee Chills With Sunny Dee-Lite!

Yasmin Lee and Sunny Dee-Lite!

Thanks Yasmin for clearing up the origin of the Los Angeles pictures a couple posts ago! Really appreciate it!

Here are a couple beautiful pictures of Yasmin Lee and famous TS party promoter, Sunny Dee-Lite! Both looking fine as can be on the streets of New York! I’m loving this cute green top that Yasmin is wearing here and she’s looking flawless as always! This first picture of the both of them threw me for a loop for a second when I first saw it with the guy in the background making a ‘ghostly’ appearance. Then I realized his face was probably just blurred out! Thought maybe these two lovely girls were being stalked by a spectre! Whew!

Yasmin Lee and Sunny Dee-Lite!

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May 23 2009

Yasmin Lee’s Birthday Bash in NYC!

Yasmin Lee's Birthday Bash in New York City!

If you’re in NYC and looking for something to do in June…

Yasmin Lee, AVN Award Nominee for best TS Performer, will be celebrating her birthday at what is surely to be one of the most anticipated and exciting parties of the year! Check it out and help celebrate her career with drinks, door prizes, dancers, and fun! Making appearances will be hot TS performers, Carmen Cruz and Tasha Long! The place is sure to be packed so come early!

525 West 29th Street
10PM – 4PM
$25.00 Cover for the Guys
$20.00 Cover for the Ladies

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