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Jun 24 2014

The Grooby Post – Real News From The Real Transgender World!

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We’d like to take a moment and “get real” with our readers. We enjoy porn… we love it (obviously) and think it makes for a great distraction from the real issues that sometimes get you down. That being said, we at Grooby Productions realize that there is a certain amount of responsibility that comes from being involved in the porn world, and part of that is helping promote and encourage people to view people as… people. Nowhere is this more apparent than the Transgender porn industry, where it is so easy to objectify and forget that those involved in it are actual, real individuals.

Now, we’re not going to claim that we’re changing the world or becoming the foremost activists in the Transgender world, there are plenty of awesome individuals doing that. Still, we hope that we can help bring some real, true awareness to some of the top news stories that involve and affect the Transgender community. Please visit The Grooby Post and check out our stories there. We always appreciate tips and are looking for writers and contributors as well so please visit the “Writers and Articles Wanted” page there and let your voice be heard!

Thanks to all of our readers here and thank you for taking a little time out of your day to realize that there is more to the Transgender community than just porn… a lot more!

Grooby Productions

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May 27 2014

Jessica Fox Launches Her Site With The SMC Network!

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Tgirl Pornstar Jessica Fox has been delighting purveyors of Shemale porn for quite some time now but oddly enough, she has never had her own Official Site until now. Jessica Fox just recently launched her own site, calling it Jessica The Fox, on the SMC Network, joining the many other beautiful Tgirl Pornstars who complete the network.

I don’t think I’d be alone in saying that TS Jessica Fox is easily one of the best hardcore performers in Shemale porn. With a beauty that is unmatched and an exotic look that drives guys wild, Jessica Fox knows that every eye is on her when she is in the room. If you’ve been a longtime fan of Jessica Fox you can rejoice in knowing that you now have Jessica The Fox, where you can go and check out brand new, exclusive content featuring this awesome and sexy Tgirl Pornstar!


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Mar 18 2014

Meet Real-Life Transgenders And Transsexuals At TLovers!

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If you’re anything like the thousands upon thousands of other guys and girls out there who find themselves attracted to persons all across the Transgender spectrum, then you’ve probably also found yourself frustrated in your search to find someone who is real and wanting a serious relationship. We’d like to introduce you to, a new, Transgender specific dating site that features only persons who identify as Transgender in some respect.

I wish we could promise that you will find the perfect love who you’ll spend the rest of your life with on, but obviously we can’t. Still, I think that a site that actually caters to Transgender admirers specifically probably offers you some better chances than those other dating sites out there, don’t you? Who knows what could happen? You may find the love of your life or you may just find someone really cool and interesting to chat with. Either way, give the site a look and see what happens!


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Jan 28 2014

Buddy Woods’ Shemale Secret Service Is Now Available!

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It is no secret that some of the most anticipated Shemale porn DVDs each year are the results of collaborations between Grooby Productions, Third World Media, Buddy Woods, and numerous Shemale Pornstars. This year I’d put some money on Buddy Woods’ Shemale Secret Service as being one of the hottest Shemale porn DVDs to be released.

Buddy Woods has had a name both as a photographer and director of Shemale porn, and his DVDs are vastly entertaining and sexy, something that few Shemale porn directors have managed to accomplish. Shemale Secret Service features such Shemale Pornstar beauties as Jane Marie, Khloe Hart, and Doll, and I think you’ll really enjoy check it out so swing on by after watching the trailer and pick a copy up for yourself!


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Nov 05 2013

Did Your Favorite Shemale Pornstar Get A Tranny Award Nomination?

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You're Invited to the 2014 Tranny Awards!

The date and venue for the 2014 Tranny Awards has been announced, and you’re invited to attend the party of the year celebrating all those awesome girls and guys who work in the Shemale porn industry! Last year’s party was a blast and tickets sold quickly so make sure that you check out the Official Tranny Awards page on a daily basis to make sure you’re able to attend. Also, sponsors for this year’s event can visit the site and make the most of the great promotional opportunities sponsorship comes with such as increased PR and brand visibility.

Check out the details of attending the show, after-party, sponsorship levels and of course, see if your favorite Shemale Pornstar is nominated for an award this year!

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Aug 06 2013

Come Get Wet With Shemale Pornstar Yasmin Lee!

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Shemale Pornstar Yasmin Lee!

If you’ve seen enough of Shemale Pornstar Yasmin Lee fucking guys then perhaps you’d like to just see this sexy set of hers over at Frank’s Tgirl World. With the mercury rising all over the country, it’s a great time to come splash around with TS Yasmin Lee and cool off! She might be hot, Hot, HOT but a nice dip in the pool is always just the thing to cool off!


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Feb 21 2013

The 2012 Tranny Awards Are Over!

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I’ve just returned from the 2012 Tranny Awards celebration down in Los Angeles, and for those of you who missed the show, it was a night to remember. The awards took place at Beyond The Stars Palace, and it was a great venue for the occasion. There were girls aplenty on-hand, mixing with Fans and industry insiders, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one feeling just a little star struck!

We’ll have some updates of the highlights from the show for you next week, as well as a rundown of the winners in the major categories. For now though, if you just can’t wait, you can check out this thread on HungAngels to see a few pictures and read through the list of winners. Thanks to all who came out to help support the 2012 Tranny Awards as well as all the gorgeous girls who were nominated for awards!

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Jan 15 2013

A Friendly Reminder About The 2012 Tranny Awards!

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Just thought we’d drop you a reminder about the 2012 Tranny Awards. January is coming to a close pretty quickly and before you know it, February 17th will be just around the corner! I’m not sure if there is a confirmed list of attendees this year but if this year’s show is anything like previous years, you can be sure that there will be plenty of Shemale Pornstars and Transsexual Performers around for you to enjoy!

Mark your calendars for February 17th (And don’t forget there is an after-party the following day!) and be sure to make your reservations at the hotels early! They’re going to fill up fast and you just never know which Shemale Pornstar may be sharing the room next to you! We’ll see you there at the show!

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Dec 24 2012

Have A Very Grooby Holiday This Year!

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With apologies and thanks to Clement Clarke Moore 😉

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except for a mouse.
With scraping and scratching upon the mousepad,
It clicked with abandon, twas porn to be had!

Shemale porn Lovers were huddled around,
Their screens glowing bright with the porn they had found.
Pants were round ankles and ‘kerchiefs balled up
Ready for loads that would fill up a cup!

When through the small speakers there arose such a moan,
‘Cause Quinn just got fucked by a big Santa bone!
On Shemale Pornstar you can watch this girl cry
As her ass gets filled up by the cock on this guy!

Her big, gorgeous breasts, bouncing so strong
Quinn rides his big cock and strokes right along!
But wait, what is this? A sexy Newhalf?
Is that Mrs. Claus with a thumb in her ass?

The small Asian Noa with cock so erect
Ready for fucking in her sexy fishnets,
She’ll moan and she’ll groan on Shemale Hardcore,
(Japan that is)
, and you will want more!

But onward up North to the Canadian cold
We must travel right now to see Chloe Rose!
This girl loves cock, of that we are sure,
And Christian is happy to give his to her!

How’s that for dessert on this fine Christmas Eve?
What more could you ask for (there’s cum on your sleeve)?
OK, one more scene for you horny porn whores,
Heather Hung sucking cock at Black Shemale Hardcore!

With these hardcore scenes shining bright on your screens,
There’s plenty to see at our sites this fine Eve.
So relax, safe at home and join up today
To see these fine Tgirls fucking away!

They’re waiting for you, stripped bare and spread wide
Just begging for cock to be slipped deep inside!
Then sleep well, when you’ve drained your cock dry
And dream of more girls yet to shoot, cumming nigh!


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Dec 04 2012

A Massive Collection Of Shemale Pornstars At Your Fingers!

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If quantity is your thing, you’ll want to pay attention to this excellent sale from Grooby Productions at their massive site, The Grooby Archives. This site archives sets from some of the best known Shemale porn sites on the planet and you’re sure to find someone here to make you all hot and bothered.

There is a massive amount of Shemale porn available at The Grooby Archives, featuring many of the world’s most well known Shemale Pornstars. This special sale will end after December 10, 2012 so make sure to take advantage of this very special deal and give yourself a holiday treat!


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